Live Webcams in Quebec in 2022

  1. The most significant piece of architecture was the famous hotel "Chateau Frontenac". This is the most striking building that was built in the 19th century and became part of the history of city. It is a medieval castle with towers and powerful walls.
  2. The spiritual center and pride of city is the Cathedral of Notre Dame de Quebec here are the crypts of the bishops and governors of France.
  3. Legislative institution - the National Assembly - one of the oldest in the world. Even during the work of the Parliament visitors can observe its work.
  4. Fine art lovers should visit the National Museum which presents the work of local craftsmen and artists of the seventeenth century.
  5. The most picturesque place is the Royal Square. It is paved with old paving stones narrow streets depart from it.
  6. The fortress wall conveys the historical appearance of Quebec it was erected in the 18th century and serves as a reminder of the British - French struggle.
  7. The Basilica of Beaupre is known for its gift of healing people with injured limbs. They even get up from a wheelchair.
  8. An important historical monument which is under state protection is the Quebec Bridge. On it the movement of cars trains is open pedestrians move freely.
  9. In the Old District of Quebec you can walk along the famous Champlain Street which has not lost its unique look.
  10. The Old Port in the 19th century played an important role in the shipping of the country hundreds of ships sailed through it. The constructed modern harbor allowed cruise ships to moor.

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